Govt adopted an advisory council to design and accelerate the adoption of an open network for digital commerce. The plans are to make e-commerce processes open-source and curb digital monopolies. This ONDC will standardize protocols for all the stakeholders on e-commerce(Eg. sellers). Currently, different e-marketplaces have a different set of rules, which at times make it difficult for small traders and suppliers to adopt.

  • The ONDC aims at promoting open networks developed on open-sourced methodology, using open specifications and open network protocols, independent on any specific platform.
  • The project to integrate e-commerce platforms through a network based on open-source technology has been tasked to the Quality Council of India.
  • Implementation of ONDC, which is expected to be on the lines of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) could bring various operational aspects put in place by e-commerce platforms to the same level.
  • Various operational aspects include onboarding of sellers, vendor discovery, price discovery and product cataloging, etc.
  • On ONDC, buyers and sellers may transact irrespective of the fact that they are attached to one specific e-commerce portal.
  • If mandated, this could be problematic for larger e-commerce companies, which have their own processes and technology deployed for these segments of operations.
  • ONDC is expected to digitize the entire value chain, standardise operations, promote inclusion of suppliers, derive efficiency in logistics, and enhance value for consumers