<div class="wpb_text_column wpb_content_element " style="margin-bottom: 35px; color: rgb(39, 48, 68); font-family: &quot;Open Sans&quot;; font-size: 14px;"><div class="wpb_wrapper" style="margin-bottom: 0px;"><h6 style="margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; overflow-wrap: break-word; text-align: justify;"><em><strong style="font-weight: bold; margin-bottom: 0px;">KAS Prelims Tests Series</strong></em>&nbsp;programme provides a complete experience of the prelims examination for KAS.&nbsp;<br>The question papers are set by reputed experts who have first-hand experience of&nbsp;<em><strong style="font-weight: bold; margin-bottom: 0px;">KAS Examinations</strong></em>. Furthermore, detailed explanation of the answers is provided. The&nbsp;<em style="margin-bottom: 0px;"><strong style="font-weight: bold; margin-bottom: 0px;">KAS Prelims Test Serie</strong></em>s programme also helps serious aspirants catch up on the neglected parts of the syllabus .</h6></div></div><div class="vc_separator wpb_content_element vc_sep_width_100 vc_sep_border_width_2 vc_sep_pos_align_center type_1 vc_separator_no_text" style="margin-bottom: 35px; display: flex; -webkit-box-orient: horizontal; -webkit-box-direction: normal; flex-flow: row nowrap; -webkit-box-align: center; align-items: center; width: 1170px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; color: rgb(39, 48, 68); font-family: &quot;Open Sans&quot;; font-size: 14px;"><span class="vc_sep_holder vc_sep_holder_l" style="height: 1px; position: relative; -webkit-box-flex: 1; flex: 1 1 auto; min-width: 10%; width: 1170px;"></span></div>

Here at SUMMIT IAS, we achieve this through a three-tiered civil services exam oriented structure:

Systematic & regular classes for comprehensive IAS exam syllabus coverage Timely evaluations & civil service mock tests for continuous assessment Personalized feedback & mentorship for guidance & IAS exam course correction.

Why Summit IAS ?

  UPSC civil service examination tests a candidate’s suitability for a top-ranking position in Indian bureaucracy. We designed our syllabus to change the conventional way of teaching as this exam is unique from other competitive exams. Summit IAS academy is now regarded as the best and top civil service training institute based in Kozhikode district by its resources i.e study materials, faculties, affordable fee structure, library & reading room, etc. Easily accessible location for aspirants from Kannur, Kozhikode Wayanad, and Malappuram. UPSC civil service exam pattern is constantly changing. It requires implementing new strategies for clearing the civil service exams. The aspirants should work smartly and put their efforts in the right direction. Since it is well known that the UPSC syllabus is extensive, it is simpler to lose focus. It’s very easy to lose focus while self-studying for the civil service exam, Summit IAS, one of the best civil service coaching centers in Calicut provides you with the best atmosphere to prepare for civil service coaching in Kozhikode. so, you meet many people from all over Kerala who share the same interests as you when you attend an IAS coaching at Summit IAS Academy Calicut. Additionally, Summit IAS provides free UPSC study materials and free Civil service Mock tests for the students. Your preparation for every subject will be improved by this in-depth study material, which will also improve your chances of passing each UPSC exam level. .........Kerala Public Service Commission(Kerala PSC) conducts the KAS examination to select candidates for the Kerala Administrative Service which is known as the civil service of Exam Kerala. KAS-eligible graduates will be able to start their career in the state government service at the Junior Time Scale positions and can further advance towards IAS within 8 years of service. Detailed KAS syllabus In pdf format is provided by Kerala PSC for the KAS exam, Summit IAS Academy is one of the best civil service coaching centers in Kerala, and provides KAS coaching at a low fee. Classes are designed as per the KAS exam pattern and KAS exam syllabus that enables students to clear KAS preliminary exam and score high marks in the KAS mains exam. Notification for the next KAS exam is expected in the year 2023. SUMMIT IAS Academy provides online coaching for KAS to those who are not able to attend the regular classes conducted in the Calicut coaching center. online classes are recorded and made available in SUMMIT IAS APP. Students can access free KAS study material pdf and KAS solved questions in the SUMMIT app by simply downloading from the play store.

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